Calendar or event add-on


Hey guys, I have poked around the interwebs for a few minutes checking and it appears there are ways to add a calendar or event functionality to Discourse. Some options may be limited depending on what kind of product we have, there is some sort of enterprise version or something mentioned with the “built in” calendar option, but I did not look further into that as I have no idea what our back-end looks like.

So is this an option we could explore? I envision, in a perfect world, a calendar sidebar or a calendar view under the user profiles (like bookmarks and messages) where we could add in submission deadlines for Netlabel stuff as well as for Beat Battles, schedules for podcasts etc. An option that allows for iCal downloads into a personal calendar would be the shit too.


sounds like a great idea to me. would help promote things that get missed too.


My god. You get a fancy new website and it’s not good enough for you? Greedy, greedy, greedy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, it sounds like a great idea. I can’t imagine it’s hard to implement given Discourse’s framework.