Bro....this is a thread about cats


All things concerning cats…


Hahaha… :smile::smile::smile:


My secret girlfriend Princess Carolyn (named after the Bojack Horseman character).


Princess Buttercup approves








Sweet, precious hairless goblins!



This is Petey. She haz hat!


Ugh in chat sphinxes, I never liked these cats, they are so scary, brrr


They are actual fxcking goblins and no one can change my mind lmao


I’m 100% certain this cat is a stone cold killer, but I like the way he purrs and he doesn’t usually draw blood so I keep him around.


Hahaha. Those cold dead serial killer eyes… :wink:


Cats are narcissistic jerks IMO. I would be surprised if they didn’t all have a little Dahmer in them

Dogs on the other hand are fantastic beings who can do no wrong (provided they’re raised correctly)


Yeah, I think I’m more of a dog person. I haven’t had a dog since my childhood dog died like 15 years ago. Wasn’t planning on a cat either, but I started feeding this guy like 4 years ago and he started spending time around. It’s really nice to have a pet again, but IDK if I’d go out of my way to get a cat because sometimes I pet him wrong and I get swiped, or I want to spend some time and he just does not want to be around me. We mostly get along, but I can’t help but think I’d get along better with a dog. I still love this guy and I expect he’ll be around until the end of this decade at least, but I don’t expect I’m going to run out and get another cat once this one has used all 9 lives.


My cat is lazier than me, surprisingly.


If you aren’t telling your cat to get a job at least once a day, your cat isn’t catting hard enough ;p


I saw a cat hissing at a another cat…

Ill spare you the deets…but…

It was a catastrophe.