Bonjour from Lyon, France!

Hello guys!

I’m new in this space and I wanted to “celebrate” and share my comeback to music composition with the community :grin:

I’ve been composing for some years as you can see in my SoundCloud profile (otedja). This time my main focus is to finalize my projects. I think composers know what I’m talking about :wink:
Just get it done and throw it online! Don’t worry, if the core is good you’ll get it in feedbacks, then you can master, refine or whatever.

So I made a new compo where I tested the waters of TRIPLETS:
called it Highway because I was high when I made it (genius huh ?). Lots of fun!

What do you guys think of triplets in general ? Do you give them a try from time to time or stick to binary ?

I warmly welcome musical/technical critics, so feel free to have a look at my work(s).

Cheers et bonne journée!

Hey and welcum

This track just sounds like it either has a triplet swing the entire time or is simply just a waltz at this point (even though I know it’s technically still in 4/4 time). I like to interject triplet grid work here and there to spice things up and add flavor, and it’s also nice to do what you did and basically create a swingy waltz type of track.

Different flavors. Both are tasty

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Hi there & welcome

Are you a British expat? Asking because your English seems too on point to be coming from a French person… and the “Cheers” at the end kinda gives it away.

Plot twist! Lyon c’est ma ville natale mais je n’y vis plus depuis 1997. J’ai vécu en Angleterre et suis aux US depuis 2005.

Regarding your song, there are some things I really like in there, others I would have done differently. I do love repetitive/hypnotic songs myself so it’s all good. That bassline is maybe a little too static for my taste. Sounds flat after a while. But lovely work overall :slight_smile:


Thanks for the gift review Santa!

Triplets are really fun, I wanted to see how far I could take it with them.
Now i got used to them more i will start to “juggle” more.

Appreciate the feedback!

Haha it’s even funnier than that, I am a Franco-Marocain if you catch my drift.
My English is a product of heavy exposure to anglophone culture I guess, but in fact I grew up in Morocco.

C’est ouf ça! Qui l’eût cru!! :grin:. Sacré parcours que t’as aussi pélo, on est probablement le fruit de la mondialisation haha. ça fait plaisir en tout cas =)

Hmmmm static bassline, it is indeed, you are absolutely right. The real story here is that I was “afraid” of adding more complexity until I reach that “artistic satiation” or saturation, where your compo starts to make no sense. I’ve been struggling with this issue before because I am an eternal unsatisfied composer (which is probably the case of a lot of producers). Now I try to be more composed when I’m re-hearing my stuff.

Do you guys experience the El famoso “saturation” too ?

Thanks for the feedback morphic !

It looks like a few French people can speak english properly.

QUI L’EÛT CRU indeed x)

Cheers from Rennes

(Yes, I sometimes say “cheers”. How to replace it ?)

Maybe “Kind regards” ? Too formal ?
Or “Amically” , “Musically” , “Later Alligator” ?

PS : I uploaded a new song on SC if you are interested : otedja/gods-love

Musically :smiley:

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