Blend is a collaboration network for music creators

Just found… If you use ableton you should check it.

That looks like a marketplace to me. The best way is still a joint dropbox / Gdrive account IMO

The best way is still a joint dropbox / Gdrive account IMO

What you mean by that?
blend io is good because you can download someone’s project and learn from that i think.

I feel this. I use FL Studio and I’m too invested into it to change to ableton now. There are some things that are so easy to do in Ableton that there’s like 10 different but equally difficult ways to go about the same thing in FL Studio and I still don’t know them all. FL comes with some nice projects to look at, but if I want to know how to layer basses or something I’d like to see how an actual house producer does it. I could also totally see myself selling mastering templates like a sleazeball that just take everything straight to LOUD.

I could see that possibly being cool if you’re new to using Live. Especially if they’re free to download. I know people sell that kind of thing so I just assumed this was more of the same.

Thanks for the link, gonna check it out and might even upload some projects when i find some time - too bad most of my stuff is bounced extensively up to the level of 3 grouped audio files haha…