So I came across this nifty lil’ website right here:
The premise is that you can promote your music here. Just upload a track and send it to selected outlets or labels. Sometimes it costs you “bits” (it’s a currency they use on this site), sometimes it doesn’t. Then you just wait for your track to be accepted or feedbacked upon and then…

…well, I’ve yet to hear from two channels reportedly interested in my track, heh.

Anyway, the whole gig looks like a pretty cool idea. What do you think? Too bad the choices are rather limited there, especially if you limit yourself to a particular genre/niche.

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Sounds similar to submithub. You might be better served there as it was actually started by a blogger and many blogs only take applications through submithub. I never did well, only got one non-form rejection to tell me that they really liked my stuff, but it didn’t fit with what they were airing at that time. I think you get like 2 free submissions every six hours after you use the two you have (so you can’t just bank like 80 for a week and then use them all at once). Put in the effort to do a decent profile, take 5 minutes to filter the outlets so you can really target your submissions, and it’s at least a harmless way to get a few extra soundcloud hits. Once you’re set up, I do remember the submission process being really painless.


Yeah, funny thing is I bumped into SubmitHub first. There’s plenty cool about it, but I don’t know, I find this website rather hard to use, especially the filtering thing. It’s not necessarily cumbersome, just not super intuitive. Also, there are even less outlet options for me there than on BitSubmit, which is a damn shame, really. I might give it another go, though, browse it more thoroughly, perhaps.