Best plugins that fsu sound

what are the best plugins that fsu sound…

Yea you can also list reaktor modules and max4live patches…


No specific plugin here, but anything that works with granular synthesis.

drive Camel Crusher into Slick HDR. For me, it’s just THE sound. It’s not that crazy by most standards, but it does plenty for me.

Click on image to see full list.


I’m still coming back to DtBlkFX (only 32bit :frowning: ). There’s just something about FFT processing that I like.

Also I’m currently doing weird things (mostly sinusodial stretching) in Klingbeil SPEAR:


ribs free granular effect vst



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+1 for supatrigger

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I’ve got a few on tap thanks to your noise challenge

  • SpecOps
  • Byome
  • VCV bridge FX / OSCiLLOT FX (obvious, whatever)
  • Harmor
  • Quanta
  • The Mangle
  • Grain Sample Manipulator
  • Wavetable / serum importing
  • Rig / THU / TH3 and similar

Some also aren’t plugins at all, but paulstretch and wavehammer are still my favorite outsiders :slight_smile:


Best plugins? All of them. Ever tried to put a gate somewhere in a middle of some more complex effect chain then automate its threshold? Duplicating saturation 5 times but each has a different dry/wet value? Sweeping frequency bands with EQ when there’s 5 other effects coming after it? Then there’s parrallel processing with same tools but different settings but one chain is in inverted phase? Sounds like FSU material right here. It’s all about combination, even with most commonly used ones. Most DAW factory devices are very capable when they come together. All you need is to be creative and do things you’re not suppose to do. Their position in a chain matters too and will offer a constant variation. Macro automation and you’re set. You can go nuts just with multiple delay units, for example, it’s all up to you and what your aim is and how far you want to go.

Third party stuff is great for expansion and endless fuckery deluxe edition. I said all-of-them so it’s true. Just grab any. Stuff from Glitchmachines, Inear Display, Audiority for example. Each might comes with their own perks and tweaks. Saturation, distortion units, delays that allow extreme feedback is also cool to look for. Fab’s Saturn can be very destructive if you go for extreme settings. Vocoders that works as a smart filters are amazing. Compressor? How about I turn everything to 11? Something granular related? Yes please.

To sum up, less talkin more doin.


i LOVE FSU tools!

i second evelon with dtblkfx. some others i use are “buffer override”, “grANALizer” and “bent”.
step sequencer tools can be useful too, such as stutter edit and the notorious dblue glitch.

i have recently had a hard reset on my studio computer and have lost most of my FSU plugins. luckily most of them are free and still available. i just need to remember what i had installed!

has anybody else noticed how most of the best FSU plugins are old and only 32bit??? why did people stop making them??? theyre awesome!

IDK. Maybe just not as much need/desire for them? Sounds are pretty weird these days, but most of it is seems to be happening in the synth patch itself on the mainstream side. And then for the guys who are still into these things, they’re just willing to put up with the old software. I mean, if you changed any of this stuff, it just wouldn’t be the same right?

That said, I’ve thought a bit, and there are some plugins I’ve come across that you can get pretty nasty with if you want to.

  1. lagrange delay - free delay from a few years ago with a very messed up feedback loop from what I remember, and I think some obscure/hidden parameters.

  2. Eventide Physion - separate the transient and body of any sound, with huge audio artifacts in the process. Normally, this is cancelled out in the reconstruction phase, but if you set this thing to 100% wet and mute one of the paths with this thing on a send, you can take just a part of your sound, with these metallic undertones, and put it through whatever other processing you want. Really cool to have two different reverbs or delays for the different parts.


thanks for the heads up on those two. i havent tried either of them yet.
its good to see a limiter in the feedback path on lagrange. i like to have fun with delay feedback and it gets out of control very fast unless you spend a while automating the feedback amp. and as you cant hear the feedback path without first triggering the initial sound it can get very tedious when dealing with feedback that goes on for a long time. the limiter will help control some of that and take half of the work out. usually i use a modular “bodge” of some variety.

I’ve been using the crap out of Byome. Just taking slices of audio and resampling is a ton of fun. Between that, and just messing around with Ableton’s warp settings really gets me far. I own the SugarBytes bundle, Izotope’s Break Tweaker and Stutter Effects, Glitch2, and a few others that escape me, and I’ve just found that nothing really beats micro-edits and resampling. Some of the SoundToys stuff is pretty cool too, but not as intuitive. I do miss the old DestroyFX stuff since Ableton is 64Bit only now, but I keep forgetting that there’s the Pluggo suite (old school glitch) in MaxForLive. I should get cracking with the stuff I already own

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Apparently BYOME has an evil twin called Triad that does multiband processing. Holy shit

sign me up

1 Like its considered beta,but its been stable for me in my DAW’s

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Not to be a party-crasher but I already downloaded it (no issues here either). :slight_smile: It’s great, still. Even at “gentle settings” it just does something to the sound, just like an SSL G-bus compressor does even with no compression added (the transformers are kinda “magical”).

Here’s a few I came across (some of them already mentioned…) all “Old School” by the looks of it, but ye guys might find 'em fun to mess around with: Glitch / FXJockey / Lost Technology / Cyclotron X2 / Fragmental can all be downloaded from here: