[#beats/electronica] - ±vMcÇ - d_v

In my goal to release a small project each month this year, here’s my January release!

Beats for space hookers, and sloth outtta the rainforest! Maybe a human or 2 as well. Hope you enjoy, are safe, treating others with kindness, and rocking the fuk out!


In my opinion, this was your music on your previous release, I listened to it and almost pooped my pants.

This tune is more calm.

Nope it was @Lug tune. Sorry . :smiley:

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Not sure I understand, what you mean by music on my previous release?

Glad you enjoyed them? =)

4 notes melody
I like it you can be sure ( di V-yre (Orinigal Mix))

First mix i like it more than second . At first I didn’t notice that there were 2 songs there

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Ahh thanks so much, stealth! Appreciate your support!

Definitely funky man. :slight_smile: I dig the sub bass, and the melodic bits do not get boring. Nice track.

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Thanks, Creepr!