Beat Battle Discussion


Hey so, before the site crashed we were talking about doing something special for BB100, which is kinda sorta soon-ish somewhat, with a potential small prize or something for the winner, up to even having a larger battle with an extended deadline to make some serious tracks.

I’m open to whatever, doing something, I like the idea of it, even if it’s just a small pocket synth operator or something to the winner (of course, we’d need to find some people to pitch for it, I’d be willing to throw in for a small prize).

What say ye?


Sounds like a great idea to me. I wish i could chip in :frowning:
The idea is great though, even though i likely will not find time to get involved


VIVA LA BEAT BATTLE! So confused right now… had to make a new accunt and everything. So shiny I am… SQUIRREL! Yeah… what happened? I missed alot…


The server on which the old site was on went kaput, and there was no backup in place.

They set up this site, which is now IDMf v2.0, starting completely from scratch.


So…I finally crawled back out from under my rock…I uploaded the samples here:
BB54 Stems
They are 100% Creepr-made and therefore no copyright problems. Anyone and everyone who wants to use them for BBs or personal projects, go right ahead.


Sweet! I’ll post them in the archive.