Beat Battle Discussion


You might want to have deadline + 13 hours to allow for global time difference, or as long as it’s within a day.


Normally we can just specify the time in our local region, that way others can adjust it for their local time. For example, where I’m at in MST, the UTC offset is -7, so UTC -7, and it’s 10:17 right now. In an area UTC +2, it’d be 7:17 PM. I did append an optional two day extension as an idea for the host to extend the Beat Battles a little if they see fit.


One thing on my mind about 1 submission rule is that it might be better to phrase it as " 1 official submission per person, which must be announced before voting begins". That way if someone is eager enough to post multiple tracks, their enthusiasm won’t be stifled or if someone posts a track early and ends up making a better one they would rather use, they can have that option. But they still have to choose one of their own tracks as official submission for voting simplicity. What do yall think? Is this complicating things or a healthy addition? From all the discussions, I’ve figured that it’s not the amount of tracks that anyone minds but just the voting confusion.


I think that’s cool, definitely people making more than one track is cool and we’re not trying to dissuade anyone from have different projects.


Sorry, but I have no idea what that is, or how it relates to where I am. You see, where I am it’s GMT +7 until some time next spring, when it’ll be GMT +6. What I meant is to keep in mind of this with submission deadlines.


I’d look up UTC times. UTC is the international standard time scale. MST just means Mountain Standard Time (in the US), which you might know if you’re in the region, but you could easily go between MST and EST, or PST, if you’re in the states.

Otherwise, I’d look up your local conversion to UTC (hint, GMT = UTC +0).


Just checked. UTC has replaced GMT but without daylight saving.


Hey, so it looks like the thread for BB121, which I posted earlier this week, has disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to that thread?

I can re-post the BB if needed, but would nice to recover the original thread if possible since there was some discussion/clarification of the rules.


I think I may be able to fix it, I have the mod powers. Lemme see what i can do.


uggggggh so it seems an admin got a little heavy handed removing some content from a user who was spamming and deleted several threads, not just the BB121 thread. Again, hopefully we can just restore them, I can’t see how to do it myself, but hopefully an admin has the ability to do so. Worst case scenario, if we need to I have access to the post so I can just copy and paste it if it comes to that.


OK, so for anyone who’s following, I’ve copied the text of the BB121 post and the samples into one convenient archive, so until we can get it restored, this 7zip file contains everything you need for BB121:


Thanks @IO_Madness!