Beat Battle 103: Climate Change


my track :grimacing:


man that’s awesome… love it


totally dig that flanged rhythmic pad ; super cool stuff

aw shit now that’s high level glitching. that’s a great track in itself. You made that bass pluck sound awesome



hell yea… damn we got some good subs this time.


round em up come on who’s got one; vulpes?


i like to think everyone is working feverishly down to the last minute




It Passed on the Far Side of Green Hemlock Bog

Not what was ordered but it’s the immediate turn my project took.

Sorry for not completing earlier. My attention was … split.


I like that mini dark ambient track, cool stuff, far out


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oh I didn’t embed them… sorry. i’m dum


is it too late ?

https://soundcloud. com/lugslug/bb103-1/s-TCKXS


woops… apparently so. looks like you already won anyways :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



today is a full day for me but I’ll put the sample pack together tomorrow for you cunts


Inspired and inspiring tracks from evryone this round! I love how deep the sounds sometimes get in this competition. Thanks. :kissing_smiling_eyes: :beers: Let’s keep it going!


It’s been a while, I need a beat battle to lube up my gears


Hey there. Welcome back:) This battle is over, Lug won (congratulations!). The current battle is #104:

BB104 Lores Lofi


Oh for some reason that wasn’t showing up for me, cheers


ah looks like lugz posted in the community projects subforum instead of the beat battles… err sub sub forum