Beat Battle 103: Climate Change

It’s hot as a mf’er in September and that means you got a thicc atmosphere on your hands.


  1. Make the atmosphere as thick as you can. Try to make as much depth and ambiance as possible. think 3D and all that jazz.

  2. make the track start cold and end up hot.

  3. make it extra glitchy… just cause i like glitchy stuff.


deadline Oct 4 @ midnight (aka 12:00 am oct 5)



So like if Kammarheit was a melting computer.

O_O ugh that Monster Energy woman needs to get slapped. I will slap the teeth out of her skull.

Your piano could use a tuning if weren’t so old.
nvm it sounds like you are “tuning” it yourself there.

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haha yep. Actually ended up getting it in tune but it went out within a week or so. So now I need to do it again, but I think it will hold better this time. It’s a cool little piano. From the 50’s i’d guess and only has 61 keys. got it off craigslist.

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haha oh man that “monster drink of the antichrist” speech is hilarious. I wish I’d been there. I figure you recorded that too?

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hahah unfortunately no. a lot of times I just rip the audio from a funny youtube video as a sample. glad you dig it as much as me tho :upside_down_face:

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I think I’m almost done with mine; gotta add more glitch. I don’t think I’ll be using that bassline


nhere it is

never been so inspired by a beat battle before :’) I guess I care about the climate is what it means


Hey there. I finally managed to download the samples. Nice stuff!

I’ll do my best, and see what happens. Thanks.

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All the people I know who have quit [drugs] told me the same thing you said. They relearn everything, especially managing their emotions. You seem to take it positively and with humor which is not something all these other people could claim. Enjoy your time off

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man you nailed! really lovely, gonna be hard to top that. going to listen on my monitors here in a bit.

and lol I was wondering if anyone would catch the likc, it just kind of came out as it is wont to do. Note i’m not a real bass player, that’s actually through a guitar amp too haha. Not a real piano player either. But who really wants to hear MORE GUITAR.

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indeed. I hear you. i’ve somehow never been a heavy user of anything, though if I end up with weed in my possession, I will smoke it every night til it’s gone. I do end up feeling that brain fog and when I’m not stoned things seem more boring.

I made a point to avoid it recently, because my friends usually pass it to me pretty frequently. I’m happy with that choice. I actually just try to stick to the occasional use of the drug which I referred to in my samples lol. It makes me more interested in being sober strangely enough. Also helps me to realign myself with what I actually care about and let go of some of the mundane bullshit that society is constantly trying to stress me out about.

good luck with all that, it’s all a learning process i reckon. I only know you from your beat battle subs, but they give me faith in you.

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thanks for the kind words my man. Do you think I should upload the wav file onto soundcloud? I figured it would be easier to stream in mp3 but maybe that’s not a problem with sndcld?

i usually do wav. As i understand it, they convert whatever you upload to their own lossy format, so if you upload your mp3 it’s going through 2 layers of conversion.

That said, I do think people make a bigger deal out of compression stuff than is necessary. I don’t really sweat it too much. Still haven’t gotten a chance to listen on the monitors but I shall tomorrow am. looking forward to it.

I try to do wave if I can, partly because I feel compelled to do it, that is if I’m uploading, but normally if I’m listening I don’t care too much if the mp3 is a decent bitrate.

I sometimes worry too much about decent bitrates tbh. Which of course isn’t helpful…

In the past, the difference between the original and the soundcloud conversion has sometimes been hefty, but it seems to me like it got better - maybe a year ago?

I’m not 100% sure whether that’s just my imagination, though.

In any case, - extreme treble and sub-bass frequencies can really mess with the auto-conversion. When using analogue outboard eqipment especially, it’s easy to add extreme frqs. outside of normal human hearing without noticing. Using a frequency-spectrum analyser plugin can be helpful in spotting and filtering stuff like that out.

But I’m probably preaching to the choir here :smile:

I smoke weed here and there, but I don’t smoke nearly as much as I used to when I regularly hung out with people who also smoked weed. I know a few ppl that do, but no one I actually hang out with. Weed was one of my main focuses in life at one time lol, and I still like smoking, but I definitely need time to not be stoned and actually be working on stuff, rather than hanging around smoking weed. Weed’s fun, but if I’m working on a project or reading articles or books I need to have a clear mind.

The thing with it is I just don’t have the people around that was part of why weed was so fun back in high school. When you were surrounded by people who would bust out a bowl during lunch break lol or you just go to a friend’s house and bowls are being passed around, it becomes more natural. But when it’s just me, in a very conservative state, mind you, surrounded by people who don’t hang out, it’s kind of a hassle really, like, I have to make time, and be like, “I can’t work on anything for the next few hours cuz I’ll be stoned sitting in my room”. I just have other things I want to do.


When rendering, what options are y’all using for your file? Soundcloud always sounds fine for me, but I have heard others say similar things about it.

Usually 44.1Hz 24 bit wav. Some I uploaded an mp3 to soundcloud. Usually I do wave cuz I’m obsessive about having a wave. Really tho, I agree with mnk, as long as it sounds decent, whatever is clever.

You gotta do 16 bit with dither.

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i don’t know if you’re being cheeky, or being serious, or being a little of both.