Be brave and Post a summary of Your internet search


I have no shame lol

Mine is…
Big butts
Big boobs
Fat butts
Thick women
Christina hendricks
Ashley graham
Social issue research
Jon stewart interview
Dave chappelle
Thick women
Fat butts
Big boobs
George carlin
Funny gifs
Political cat memes
New exercises
Song lyrics
Dune memes
Marvel dc memes
Fat butts
Big boobs
Thick women
Social issue research
Humming songs i forgot who made them to google search to figure out who made the song and what it is exactly.

As you can see sir mix a lot made a lasting impression on me…lol yeah whatever…


Tbh the government commercial technology complex probably already has a profile of you and what you like…its not like anyone has any secrets nowadays…anyways…lmao.


I’m so fucking lame ya’ll lol


Lmao…cant go wrong with drumsynths.


Just always looking for something new to feed my sampler haha.


I don’t surf much, but I watch a lot of videos when I’m working out (motivation is fun) so I have a really rich YT history instead if that counts