BB94 - Ostinatos and Pedal Tones

Rules of this will be very simple/ liberal/ and hopefully fun

The defining theme of this beat battle will be to include either an ostinato or a pedal tone in your composition. It does not have to be for the entire song but I would hope those involved will go the extra mile.

Google defines pedal tone as a sustained tone, typically in the bass, during which at least one foreign, i.e., dissonant harmony is sounded in the other parts.

Google defines an ostinato as a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm.

Examples of Pedal Tones

In this Van Halen song, listen to how the upper harmony of the synth changes while the bass rides on the same note (for the majority of riff) chugging away with constant 1/8 notes.

After the first minute of organ shredding and 4th stacking in Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, listen for the pedal tone in the 1/16th note pattern. This is another way a pedal tone can be expressed.

Examples of an Ostinato

listen for the simple 2 note pattern that is introduced right away, and follow it as it drives forward while the harmony changes around it, creating very dissonant chords that are so satisfying to our ears that are anticipating the pattern.

One more, listen to the rhythmic pattern of the main melodic idea constantly driving through while everything else moves around it later in the tune. Pay attention to how the harmonies interact with the main melodic idea and how colorful it becomes

Start Date: Feb 22
End of entry window/Voting starts: Feb 32nd
Voting Ends: Mar 6th

Beat Battle General Rules:

Beat Battles take place over the course of two weeks. The first ten days users will have to arrange, upload, and post their track to this forum. After this, the next three days users cast their votes for their favorite track. At the end of this, the winner will be announced, and they will then become the next Beat Battle host, and will have one day to construct a battle pack and begin the next Beat Battle.

Unless otherwise stated, the only sample/audio sources you may use for your song must come from the battle pack.

In the event of a tie, the battle host will decide the winner.

Ps: All skill levels welcome. Feel free to leave a blurb of feedback to the submitters. Please keep feedback constructive and don’t be dicks to each other.

Because I am bad with computers, I am recycling last weeks samples while supplementing with samples I put on soundcloud. They should be downloadable, and the BPM was set at 70 when recording (if that matters idk)


Feb 32nd?? emmm wut

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Are we supposed to go all Wagner and sustain Eâ™­ for 162 bars or something.

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My attempt at humor

To answer your question

Utilizing an ostinato is a valid option as well

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I think this is pedaltoney enough.

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Y’all fuckers have some songs or something?

:laughing: Nearly completed my composition, and will start mixing tonight! Sorry for the delay lord ballbuster! :wink:

The time line for this didn’t jive with my schedule very well… work 12 hr nights atm until Tuesday, then got a week off

ight…imma put up my dukes, but this track could’ve used a lot of other stuff, but hey this is a beat battle, not a song battle! haha

wrote this in 7/8, used some pedal tones, and pedals! used tons of ostinatos, cause they are fun, and kept a wild style like i usually do! Probably not BB material, but I had fun! haha


Apologies, life got in the way and I just wasn’t in the creative mood.

Aww hell yeah. I like it. The scratchy ripping sounds are great.

Have my vote. Not that there was much competition, but hey :rofl:

Yep … you get my vote. A wild ride with @TvMcC as always. :clap::clap::clap:

Maybe someone else will post soon, but thanks for the votes guys! :laughing:

@Blingley Btw… you get my vote! :blush: sorry feel a bit thick for not saying that in the 1st place. Awesome bit of texture, and just a solid journey. Didn’t need all the bells, whistles’, and billy goats I throw at a tune! :clap:

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Not sure what happened with this comp, but should I post a sample pack?

Been meaning to get back to this and thank @Brogner for an awesome idea and four great examples. I would have participated but I’ve been buried by the dreaded day job.

I enjoyed hearing the entries… both very good. Congrats (apparently?) to @TvMcC

I haven’t done a B.B. yet and looking forward to when the stars align. :sparkles:

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ya keep it going!

If you mean keep the BB going, I already have! :wink:

ah my bad, i don’t know why i cant get the hang of the new/unread section

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All g! Now go get the pack, and bust a filthy beat!!

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