BB90 - Age of the Phoenix


I mean, if you want to do another track, that’s freaking awesome. However, since it was my bad, I’m not gonna hold you to making another to participate. If you did do like an A/B side kinda thing tho, that’d be sick.


these samples are so bassy!


Everything was made with my Mother 32, a conga, and a frying pan.


Low shelf :stuck_out_tongue:


Ever since I listened to MBM’s RUOK on headphones and noticed that there was this huge arena of bass that I never had noticed before in the years of owning the album, I’ve always kinda loved ridiculously low, mean, ground shaking bass lines.


yessir I likey


low shelf BOOST


Low shelf only, mute other bands.


Ah fuck I didn’t have time to really do this one, I got something down a few days ago but it being the holidays and all I spent an entire hour and a half or two hours on it maybe? I’ll submit it late for fun.


I got the right sample pack this time.


Never quite got round to doing anything this time, literally spent half an hour on it a day or two ago.


All submissions welcome.


had some free time, decided to throw my hat in the ring for this…here is my submission


Here’s mine. I initially had no drums in mind, but then I did halfway through making it. Which one do y’all like better?


have we started voting yet??
my vote goes to tsachi…


Yeah, we’ll go ahead and say voting is open.


I’ll jump in on the next battle. Good luck all participating in the current


The tracks:





My vote goes to @bfk. I like the Autechre-y feel to it. All tracks were nice tho.


I’ll vote for @bfk as well. Tsachi’s track had great parts to it, but it just really did not feel like it worked as a whole song that well.