BB133 - Through Samhain


All you Irish, Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Bretons, Manx, and even you French Gauls gather round please. Those of you not of these lineages I will have pretend you are for the season.

Since the beat battles are at a low / hiatus I want to initiate something quite different. BB patriots might grow upset at this usurpation / derailment of this thread. To those I say: you may take charge after Halloween.

The internet in its preparation for the Halloween specials. The podcasts, video shorts, and other mood-casting media materials users create, they shall search for the ‘4spooky audios’. Let us present our material for their consumption.

Here is what I hope for:

  • single audio clips
    • samples worthy of being included in a std beat battle with a focus on the creep factor
    • other ambient drones that may make a background mood for a more direct presentation
  • full track submissions
    • use a variety of previously submitted audio clips, integrate them into a tune that fits this autumn season
      (make sure your track gives you chickenskin/goosebumps)
    • use no audio clips and create a mood completely independent of any resources in this thread

Please ensure your submitted audio does not awaken copyright goblins.


During this thread’s initial stages, I hope for more submissions of creepy single clips for those aiming to build full projects, and the latter stages I hope to see the ‘completed’(abandoned) works.

Early stages: 2021-09-18 -> 2021-10-08
Late stages: 2021-10-09 -> 2021-10-30

File Hosting:

I am willing to organize all file submissions onto a single hosting platform (eg Mega) so the bulk files can be downloaded simultaneously. If anyone submits a better hosting soln, I am open to reason. I do want the single clips which are directed at project usage to be a lossless format (most likely a compressed wav into zip/7z/gz) while standalones may be converted into lossy format to encourage smaller filesizes to share w/ random internet users. (everytime I type mp3 I die a bit inside.) Full projects will mostly be smaller lossy. For all you lossless enthusiasts out there, I also desire an alternative of flacs, which I am willing to do.

TLDR submit something I can DL and I (the royal we) will figure something more centralized out.

Having said that, I am 50% confident this thread might end up in the dusty archives of idmf threads w/ <10 replies but it is my hope and goal to revitalize something in you BB music makers.

P.S. I have not searched for active threads that parallel my idea and I should apologize if anyone has already begun a collaboration similar to this. Please direct my attn if this is so.


thanks for keeping this going! I’ll definitely try my best to participate <3


screech sample

used in sample track:


Haven’t been practicing, but here’s some raw piano. If I could ever hold a tempo it would be easy to grab hold a 4-8 measure riff in there and loop out some background piano noise.


I’m trying to work out if this is still running or not.


Alright, well its time to close up the box. I’m packing up and shipping out. Contact me if you need anything. Ciao.


Save travels and thanks for all the samples and music and stuff! Hope to see you around somewhere!