BB132: Let's get emotional (~ly dysregulated)


This one is a bit different. In this one, it’s all about emotions. More specifically, it’s about the feelings that you can evoke in your listeners and how you transition between these.

However, in line with Hegel’s dialectic approach proposing the idea that everything comes in triads and progress is based on a progression from thesis to antithesis and finally to synthesis, I want three distinct ones.

Specifically, I hereby ask you to identify at least three different emotions that you felt intensely at different points in your life that you still remember, and evoke those in your listeners with your submission.

Here is some inspiration in case you are an artificial intelligence and haven’t gotten around to installing your emotion chip:

Here’s the full plan:
1) Identify at least three situations in your life that went along with intensive emotions.
2) Identify the three relevant emotions that life evoked in you at these times. If your emotions do not fit any of the categorizations provided, bad luck. I’m not gonna invent new ones for you. You are still allowed to participate if your Xenoemotions can be adequately distinguished from each other by either a clinical orthopedist or an evolutionary anthropologist. However, you might be out of phase with your true self and might be well-advised to meditate or go on a walkabout before diving into this one.
3) Make these three emotions the center pieces of the story you want to tell in your submission. Build your track around these three emotions. Try to evoke them in your listeners.
4) Start with the emotions. You don’t have to think about a story, but it wouldn’t hurt - probably.
5) Think about the transition between emotions and the ways your composition will manage to reflect and evoke such developments.
6) Download this and pick a few samples from it:
7) Make something taking us through the three different emotions previously identified.
8) Post it here.

Deadline: Let’s say August 21st? (Up for discussion!)

There are a lot of different samples from my precious (MY PRECIOUS!) personal collection in the sample pack I compiled for this, ranging from basic drum samples to vocal-based stuff and hand-painted SFX. They are all heavily overprocessed by yours truly.

You are allowed to use any or all of the samples provided, and all additional synths and effects that you think might be necessary to evoke the emotions you want to evoke in the listener. The focus this time is on the emotions, not on production techniques, so if you ever wanted to join a Beat Battle, but doubted if you can produce a complete beat from some field recording, this is your time to shine!

So, you might ask yourself at this point: “Does it matter what kind of different sounds I can squeeze out of a 1 ms white noise sample and how fast I can build a complete wavetable synth or a playable multieffect in my fav modular environment?” No, my friend, it does not. At least not for this one.

The only important thing is that you manage to evoke some form of emotional development with your submission, ideally a triadic transition between three distinct emotions (not necessarily completely in line with the aforementioned dialectic paradigm, but that would be pretty cool).

Bonus point:
Develop a new form of acoustic psychotherapy with your submission. You can publish the respective paper at a later date, no need to hurry.

I think it makes sense to use a longer deadline for this one, so I would say August 21st for the submission and August 28th for the vote, but it’s up the regulars - no problem to change the dates if you would like a shorter time frame.

I got a free license from Bitwig (for their 8-Track mini version) and got another one for Corel Painter left over from a Humble bundle, so I will give these two to the winner of this one. No guarantees that these licenses will still work, but that’s what I expect and I promise that I will do my best to treat them well in the meantime.

That’s probably more words than I have spoken to anyone outside my core family since Covid, so I hope you feel the immense privilege that is associated with having read this description. Anybody left? You can go home to your DAW now.


7zip needed to decompress that zip. For those seeking an alternative format, here’s my favorite gzip tarball:


Thank you @Vulpes!


Only 18 days left to do something for this. No submissions yet, so it seems like whoever is reading this might have good chances to get all those shiny prices with minimal effort ^^


I laid something out but upon sleeping on it I didn’t like the way it was presented. I’ve melodies for some of the situations I’ve found myself in previously but perhaps I’ll restart it all and integrate those melodies partially in later.

I’m going to sit for a bit. I’ll be back before the due date. In the meantime I’ll be listening to music that makes me feel like I’ve been stabbed.

example songs


Very nice selection. Downloaded the first song, really chilled stuff.

More stuff


Not a submission, but I hope it inspires some people to do something with this. I made a track for my upcoming game out of this, using esclusively Icarus 2 to resynthesize the four vocal samples into some instruments.



In order to avoid sounding really edgy, I’ll let the listener decipher the 3 emotions in the wip here.
Most definitely I am not done, there are many things in here that need adjusting and envelopment. The melody has been with me for ages, arriving at a very … foreshadowing point in my time.

Long story short: melody from a dream, was on my mind upon reading the current theme, 1st time sharing. Thanks.


Damn, that’s just absolutely wonderful! Directly saved and going into my work/meditative playlist.
Thanks for making the OP worth the effort with this!

Have to think about the emotions in this… :smiley:


Has a somber, winter sound as if exploring a wilderness alone. Very nice work. Sorry I didn’t come in on this, but working with samples on my hardware set up can be more than a pain. also I seem to prefer working to something visual.


Interesting post, as what kind of BB project would cater to your hardware? If there is no competition on for this BB, would you be interested in setting up a demonstration of something you would find intuitive?

@metaside, thanks for the listen. If you plan on re-listening to it then I had better complete an acceptable render of that project.


O.K. So, the set up time on the hardware is longer. With the SU200 , I cannot load the samples in so, I have to play the samples on the media player of my com, out through the mixer and record them with the SU, which I’d have to do anyways, cos it only has a 896 KB Memory. With the ARQ, I can load them in, but only if the are in the correct format and even then it’s hit or miss, so I usually have to do the same as the SU. If they are one shots it’s easier. If not it becomes almost impossible to not have a click or pop at the end of the sample.

Also, this BB came up as I had started the extended Ghost in the Shell track.
I did do a track for BB 130, It’s still sitting in the ARQ.

As I mentioned, I like to work to something visual, hence The Ghost in the Shell, that I did and the current Johnny Mnemonic, which I posted for people to join, but this kind of thing isn’t in the tradition of the beat battle though. What would be suitable for the BB crowd, Mortal Combat anyone?

The no copyright thing is a bummer too. I always thought that a beat battle was to take some crate dug samples and put a new spin on it. Maybe have a word with Relic, to put together some of his crate digs and call it BB133 EF the copyright or something.


Spending more time on it, I’ve supported more of the sequence, vanquished a spot of clipping piano (despite the ch.strip being ~-25dB) and of course a new growth is appended at the tail of the track in hopes that one day it may merge with the main sequence.
No projects are ever completed; only abandoned.


Thanks for the rework, really great track and love the new version! Should be part of the OST of something really deep <3