BB131 How do I prepare this food?


I … how … what?

What am I supposed to do with this? I know you’re hungry but I can’t prepare a meal with this. There’s not even any mea… oh wait. I guess I could … you know what, ok. May I have access to your kitchenware? Yes? Thank you. I’m no cook but if all you want is a fresh meal, I may be able to oblige.

Your ‘client’ has newly asked your attention to preparing a meal for him. He has supplied a list of everything he wants in his meal. Obviously he knows that some food needs to be cooked so he has given you access to his kitchen supplies. The questions remain: can you assemble the meal? Can you use all the ingredients he requested? Will you be pure or do you need to sneak in some secret ingredients? He’s a bit of an idiot, I’m sure he won’t notice if we swap out some of his list for our own.

The list:

milk            -
beer            -
bread           -
onions          -
salad           -
tomatoes        -
eggs            -
cheese          -
apples          -

wine            -

21762634 -rwxr-xr-x 1 1000 100 14220332 [2021-07-01 20:06]  0701_211649.WAV*
21762799 -rwxr-xr-x 1 1000 100 34404908 [2021-07-01 20:27]  0701_213806.WAV*

#appologies for the kitchen file split, I maxed out the remainder of the card


Upon request, alternate formats or sites can be utilized to host files.

Yes, I shopped at freesound for the grocery list so you can source the sounds to their respective creators. The kitchen sounds are mine & all power/authority/permission of those files is in your hands.

To be honest that’s not a lot of tonal sounds. I pulled as many things out of my cupboards as I could in effort for you to have something to load into a sampler. 1/2 the strikes were made with rubber, but I switched to my bony knuckle because it resonated the metal/glass better (yes my knuckle still hurts). If you desire any more kitchenware & it is in my possession, I will record it & append it to the list of downloadable links.

If anyone is still around, I could possibly conjure a prize for this, but it would be along the lines of Jimmy Johns pickup/delivery. I’m game if anyone is interested. Also if not then I’m going to order it for myself.

off topic

Thank you all for attending my TedTalks. I apologize for falsifying the date upon this BB’s release. I actually had something else in mind but after 4 days of ‘researching’ I decided to drop it for this, which was easier to assemble.


you rock vulpes. ive got a problem with the download though, when i extract with winrar all i get is a blank file. any ideas?



My apologies. I don’t know if winrar can handle tarballs and looking back I realize the whole .tar.gz extension was reduced to simply .gz . 7zip can handle gzipped tarballs but in the spirit of a temporary soln, I will put up some quick links to standard .zip files.


whats a tarball lol? i appreciate it but this is also for some reason not working out. i’ll go grab 7zip, give that a try.

edit: same thing with 7z just a blank file


Step 1: recursive mount bb folder into webserver folder - [CHECK]
Step 2: make sure nginx is actually running - […WAITING…]

My final apologies. In addition I’ll add mega links in OP


the alt mega worked for me thanks! is that all the files in that one?



Why are your wav’s executable?


chmod -x *.WAV ;

Not sure, the wavs survived a SD card into computer and then a scp to my main server.

That reminds me I don’t think I set a due date. How about the end of the 24th (2021-07-24)?


umask maybe?


I’m not really in the music mode this past while but I just wanted to give a big ups to @Vulpes for throwing this one together, the opening post is really high effort :beers:


Anyone working on something for this?


I downloaded the samples a few days ago since I really like the idea and the sample description, but I didn’t get around to even starting something - just too much stuff to do for me rn…

Looking forward to what people do with these sounds though!


ok ill bite the bullet, here’s my submission. all sounds sourced from the samples


Thank you. Very nice. 100% credit for using only sourced ingredients.

A regret of mine is I wish I had more booming cabinets or goat hides / snare wire in my kitchen. Alas, music will always be forged with what is available. If your heart beats, music births.

My hope to those of you passing over the BB might reconsider dedicating no more than an hour creating even a single track (melody, rhythm) and show it. You do realize you can hit up the kitchen for simply a glass of milk? How about cheese and apples, a simple snack?

Anyway enough persuasion. If situation does not allow, then



I did it, I did it. Had to take some time off to clean my head today anyways and played around with some plugins…


Ok i am doing it.


@7asid Very cool, especially the beginning!


I won’t lie guys, I was away from website for a bit. It looks like we have 2 submissions. We can either settle this in a thunderdome or a simple poll.

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You might not be in the poll @Unk_Nown, but we will still listen to anything you submit.
Currently I’m trying to brainstorm any ideas that may make spectators/lurkers more inclined to submit. Perhaps reducing the time of dedication to forge a submission may be beneficial.


What do you all think? I’ll order delivery for both of you if you wish. Which of you desires more to begin the next battle? We should consider closing this thread and begin brainstorming /BY THE/ start of Aug.


I’m volunteering to do the next one, never did one of these in any case and got something halfway prepared already :partying_face: