BB130 The Mothership Lands


I hope to meet some of the talented people of IDMF and hear their music over the next two weeks.

The next Beat Battle will be based on this sample pack of the mothership landing, created by me with sounds I created and from sound libraries.

Go wild and add whatever of your own sounds you like as long as they are legal.

May the best track win, but if there is some doubt, the one that sounds more like a mothership landing should win.

One wav of the whole sequence and all the stems are here:

Submission deadline May 27, voting from May 28 to May 30.

PRIZE: I will mix and master a well organized project with up to 16 clearly labeled stems for you, or offer a detailed critique of 15 minutes of your music.


Don’t use apple, don’t have icloud, could you please upload an alternative. Cheers.


need to cut and paste, I can’t post links on this forum because I am new or I can’t figure out how


Thanks for that, Unfortunately I’ve just yesterday disconnected all my gear for a mass rearrange, but I do have a bunch of stuff loaded into the ARQ, so will try to come up with something from that and these.


From Zoom? Looks interesting, never heard of it before. Looking forward to the result.
Personally I’ve been messing around in Drambo recently, which I just discovered.


It’s spent most of it’s time in it’s box, as a lot of my kit does for lack of space, hence the rearrangement in process. My main sequencer is a QY700 connected by din to my other gear. The ARQ doesn’t have din, and I don’t use a DAW, which is why it doesn’t get as much use as it probably should, so we’ll see what happens.



ive been having issues switching my internet provider so i had to skip the last one and probably this one :frowning:


Ok. No entries. I suppose I will go down in history as the final beat battle champion. Farewell Earthlings. Hope you are prepared for pending ET invasion.


I do have mine in the ARQ, but I haven’t recorded it yet. It’s been done for a while, but as I saw no action here, and I didn’t want to be the only entry, being loathe to win something by default. Mine is still in the ARQ. The lack of entries I assume is due to the extension of the Netlabel comp deadline as most of the BBers seem to be occupied with that.

Matbe it should be restarted at the beginning of next month when that is done with.


What’s up here ? Deadline extended ?


you can sumbit, default win and start a new one! ??! !?


eheh don’t have do track for it
I Saw this battle too late
Wait for the next


currently there doesn’t seem to be plans for a next one, unless someone volunteers to start it up again. but first there probably needs to be some show of interest for participation too probably


no promises but let me see what I can whip up here.


site needs a flac handler


wicked dude, thats some harry potter in space shit


Thanks man.

When do you ( [you] ) think BB interest will pick up again? If it were up to me, I would wait for a few more ppls to reply to this thread or maybe the general thread. I’m not too active on this site, a transient at best, so I don’t think my opinions carry as much weight as others’. I will help to not let an old tradition taper out.


Great !
Up new battle?


if no one objects, I’ll continue the torch from here. Give me a bit to set something up. (day or 2)