BB121 - Baby's First 808


Haha, I was thinking the same thing - really interesting to see the different directions people take these challenges…nice tracks!


Ok, voting is closed … thanks for the votes!

I might need a couple days to come up with the next BB, will aim to get it posted by Wednesday.


posting the thing i was working on


I think i would’ve liked to try something more raster noton-y, it was definitely the way to go with just a few bleeps as source material. I hope i can get on the next one too, i’m not going to be home for the next couple of weeks


i’m not familiar. so it’s a label?


Oh really, yes it’s a respected experimental electronic music label

If you go back the catalogue and listen to aoki takamasa or grischa lichtenberger i think you’ll get what i mean


yeah there’s some noteworthy people on Raster Noton. Emptyset, Vladislav Delay are both some good artists.