BB120 - Wisdom or Insanity?



“The more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it gets the appearance of wisdom.”

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”
-A. Einstein

This beat battle is intended to explore repeated musical sequences and how changing effects and mixing settings can be used to create variety across repeated sequences. Will repetition help us to find wisdom? Or drive us to insanity? Or maybe both?

The Samples:

The Rules:

1) Repeat the Chorus:
Your track should feature a repeatable segment that is at least 15 seconds long. I’m going to call this segment the “Chorus”, though it does not necessarily have to be melodic. The Chorus must be a distinct section of the track that is recognizable each time it is repeated in your track.

  • The Chorus sequence must be played at least Three Times in your track.
  • Each time the Chorus is played, it must use the exact same sequences of sound sources (same midi sampler sequences, same raw audio tracks, or same whatever else it is that you use to generate your track).
  • Each time the Chorus is played, you should use different effects and mixing to create a different mood. Each of the choruses should feel distinct, even though the original audio sources will be identical.

2) No Kick Drums!
You are free to mangle the samples however you wish to create whatever types of sounds you want, as long as you do not end up with a sound that could be reasonably described as a traditional “kick drum”.

3) Automate a Reverb Effect
Use a reverb effect. Automate one or more of its parameters.

Submissions must be posted by 9AM US Pacific Time on Monday December 7th

Voting ends at 9AM on Wednesday December 9th.


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Here’s my submission:

I found it a lot harder to create distinct variety through just through just changing effects than I had originally imagined when I was coming up with the rules. My track is also way too long for the amount of content, but gotta move on to some other things I need to work on and probably won’t have time to do much more on this.

Sorry I didn’t do much to hype this BB, lots of stuff happening with Thanksgiving and work the last few weeks. Hope some other folks have been working on tracks, excited to see how others interpreted this challenge.


Well done.
I believe you are the winner!

I was doing something but it has no head and tail currently. And no chorus. I will probably make it in 2 days. My brain is FWIW total mess with organisation. Nice days.


Alright, I’ve got an idea for a simpler challenge for the next one, just need to pull the samples together.


I started but I had travel and didn’t finish anything :frowning: i thought the challenge was cool though I was excited about the concept