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The change around 0:50 is pretty cool. Feels like some crazy journey into the space between radio stations, tuning into one place here, flying through the space between stations in kind of a like a busy, crazy highway between the stations. 3:36 nice. Like the creep, ominous bass and fx pad. Out of curiosity, what did you use for the weird time speed ups/slow downs and the modulation on the filters and all that? Was it by hand? Reminds me of Autechre a little bit, with all the interesting noises and jumping between many sounds. Kind of like a noise-collage. Interesting stuff.

Sad to hear you lost a project!! I’ve had that happen in the past, that’s the worst. Happy to see you still made something else tho!
ooo I like that little fade between the dry and vocoded signal on the opening vocal sample. Ooooo and I like the feel of the track. I love these big, orchestral/soundtrack kinda feeling tracks. I was always really into trance when I was younger, and this reminds me of the big breaks they’d have in those songs where they’d switch up to some slow break, and strings and slow elements start coming in and it’s like, daaaaaaamn just that epic energy just like, “OH DAMN WE GOT TO REBUILD THE WORLD”, I’ve always loved that lol still do. house and trance were always my bedrock. I always loved the energy in trance. This could be like a really cool intro to a trance DJ mix. I dig it. For 1.5 hours too, not bad.

electro 70’s/80’s sci-fi coolness. Track flows well overall, different sections are distinct, transitions between feel natural.

I like the autotune of the dmt sample lol reminds me of Autotune the News. Percussion is cool, I like how nervous and stuttery it is. How’d you do the percussion, was that with a granulator? I like the synth jumping around too, kinda like the tracker kinda stuff. Very trippy, psychedelic, dig it. My only complaint is I wish it was longer. lol I know you were just trying to throw something together tho so that’s cool.


Hahah that is wild. Thanks.

Speed ups/slow downs?
I speeded the track at 0:55 up 5 semitones and slowed 3:55 down 5 semitones after it was rendered; i can not pitch shift all samples at once so i could not programm it in track.
Otherwise the bpm is the same all the time…

Lenght of the patterns is different across the track…for instance 64, 72, 96, 120, 144, 526 .

Most filter modulation is by hand, i have lfo modulated filter on some tracks for ambiental /noise sounds and i did not automate those by hand these.
All plugins are stock ones.


Not BPM, the samples. It sounded like you were doing a speed up/slow down effect on some of the them, like around 4:13. Like a DJ slowing down and speeding up a vinyl.


I rendered a part of the track, (1:29- 1:51) pitch shifted up it and resampled it at various speeds, at 4:13 foward mostly.
3:19 glithy hihats is the rendered part of the track too, filtered.
I set the loop mode pingpong on it.


Really cool, the mixing feels allright.
I like the beat, the variations are nice.
The ambiental melodies, vocoded vocals and bass form a great texture.
1:45 nice passage, quite trippy.
A thing i miss is a deeper kick. More ambient texture stuff would not hurt probably because of a constant beat.

Nice groove from the start. Sounds like some stoner/space rock. The vocals come in like a mantra. Quite funny at some points, positively.
I like the snare beat, the change at 3:50. How you made it trippy with delays and the bass groove, filtering.

Fluid intro, the vocals are vocalized just amazing, lyrics have a meaning. The timing… mindblown. It is like mushrooms and acid.

Drums are great along with vocals, you add trippy sounds along… 1:00 sick.
I wish it would be longer too.
I would love to roll it into a set or something.

90 minutes? That is fast. 2:00 foward is cool.
Nice effect and sounds. I like the slow melody.

Everybody have a nice day, thank you for participating.


It seems we have a winner!! @Faintbrush congratulations!


heck yea. Woohoo… I liked that track a lot but ended up voting for IO cause his was the trippiest (to me) :dizzy_face:


Thank you, I like making trippy ambient tracks…


Thanks for the votes! I feel like my track was far from the trippiest, but glad folks enjoyed it. Cool tracks all around, I really liked hearing the wide variety of ways everyone mangled the vocals!

Does this mean I start the thread for the next one of these? I’ll start pulling some samples together.


Yep, start a new thread in the Beat Battles subforum (, put together some samples, write up 3 rules and you can copy the boiler plate rules from the OP and start a new one!