Bb112 - mmxx


ITAP of @relic IRL


switch it to who, there’s two other entries :smirk:

uh if you switch it to IO then I think we’re tied, but if you switch it to MUW then I still win with one vote leading.

I vote for IO though, so either it’s a tie or IO wins

In the case of a tie, the host chooses the winner. Declaring the winner is usually way easier when the votes are easy and TIMELY to tally, and we used to bold and/or color the vote red or whatever jumped out on the old site, can’t remember how to change text color right now.

And stop arguing, all of you! Or I’ll take away your pudding. I only brought up the deadline thing as a joke, it always happens. People are just too busy or they simply don’t care about beat battle, which is fine either way.

We do have a discussion for beat battles, it’s the aptly named Beat Battle Discussion thread, which is here. I’ll go write some more stuff in there.


Why dont we just start a poll, like this?

  • Tsachi
  • IO_Madness
  • Make Us Whole

0 voters

Seems like an easy way to do this, especially in the future.


I like the track title, definitely sets the tone. Not a bad track either!


@TvMcC @makeuswhole



the poll is too formal >: ( lol
I guess I win huh
I’ll get the next battle up soon


BUt if it’s not formal, how will people know what to fuss about?!?

I’m so confused, but hey that’s what happens if you eat moldy cheese!

wait this all came out wrong, ment to say congrats


@relic i feel so honored that someone picked out my sibling for me

@makeuswhole - don’t get any fancy ideas, I don’t like sharing covers, you’ll have to bring your own duvet