Today was supposed to be the final day.



Btw…we should totally do a 1 week sample compile, 1 week arrange, bb tribute artist compilation?

.I sorta took what we all think/said and just wrote this (after beers)…

Maybe we do a few of thesе, дsk for support for whoever has the “coolest” track…but release all of our efforts on Bandcamp…or щhатнvзг?


My entry:

For the water drips, I made a quick patch in Max to randomly select and the water drop samples that were in the one subfolder, pitches them down, and applied a bit of verb.

Chopped some beats, did some cool layering for the ambient pads.


Still time for more!


Do not be down when the light is dim! Burn on into the night! Long live the BB’s!!


i almost totally forgot about this

i wanted to add some voice but didnt get aroind to it… maybe next time


I like the suitcase piano part. I wanted to use those sounds, but don’t really have a good sampler to load them in… actually now that I think about it, I think I have a copy of Redux somewhere… why am I not using that?

Cool vibes tho, this track. Very cool and relaxed, I like it.


When I first started playing this, I wasn’t sure if my headphones or audio jack were going out lol I like what sounds like a robo voice talking. I like the weird pitch shifting percussive lines. Very watery and slippery. Cool stuff.


I vote @StemCollector


Wonderfull! Flows, grooves, drips.
I like the expreimental flow taste…groove sounds choppy
Interesting… That melodic pad in background lol
Like the beats, breaks but the samples sound kind of muddy . nice sub bass

Vote for @TvMcC




i apologize folks, i got lost in my own world. thank you @Unk_Nown or the reminder. I liked all the tracks, I cant listen to Tv’s again to relisten for tie breaking but i remember digging it so @TvMcC if you wanna do the next one go for it! IO would’ve had my vote but i didn’t vote, so it wouldn’t count.


Cooking samples. Will start thread afterwards. Hopefully we get some participants. :crossed_fingers:t5: