BB109 - Fantasia


@7asid - Oh?!?!? Hmm, let me see if i can make a serious attempt at a tune!

Anyone else need more time? I’ll take roughly a day to throw something together…


I would like to reupload the track in 1-2 days, eq and master changes. I think it would be unfair for the participants of bb tho, as i have been working longer on it than others and i still will be until i finish it. Just set a deadline and i will resubmit it until then. Only if you are ok with it of course, and everybody else…?


Hey we are all playing a fun game together, so please count me in! If the rules change it’s fine on my end!

2 things tho:

  1. I don’t want my sub to be counted in the votes! Just unfair as I won the last, and want to allow others to create packs!

  2. Definitive deadline as asked already by a already submitted participant is extension of 2 days. We will not go further than that for submissions, and begin the voting directly afterwards.

Everyone participating agree? Hell if there’s a possum with thumbs, who can type and is eating a jar of Maritime right now! like right now! and agrees…hell yeah :metal:t5:


Ok here we go!

Just listened to a few tracks, and forgot to use the damn percussion loops like I wanted! oh well haha! Great jobs everyone!




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Poll isn’t needed, but hey if it makes it easier for someone…also i added everyones name who participated

Will leave comment on all tracks in the morning!


F/s= form, style count

F/s count: 8
I like the sound design- nice melodies, bass, wierd breaks. noise in the background. The drop kills it positively. Deep ambient at end, which i like the most

Like the sound design. Hihat panning, kick reverb, melodies. Spacy atmosphere. Seems like more energy was invested in sound design, track has a positive energy.
F/s count: 6

hihats sound the best at 0:50, but they cut my ears in intro.
F/s count: 4
You could instead of 4 repetitions of loop make only 1 or two instead of changing parts.
I like the uplifting 0:50 part, jumpy melody and rhytm.

It is short… I like the sounds, composition. F/s count: 2

First exhibition f/s count: 6
It is more freeflow than your second imo. Sounds more deconstructed, which is what drags me in. Interesting breaks.

I like the samples interchange in progression. Seems like you went into creative sound design this one. + For angry kick bass combination and noise layering. Interesting sample choice.
Style is dubstep/noise hop themed.
F/s count: 5

Respect for sound design in general, but rules say form/style is rated. Not completly different sound designs on a similar beat structure.

I vote for @7asid

Yoo you fucked some snares. too much bass.
Snare sequence from 0:14 to 0:20 suck.most hihats suck.melodies, noise too much in the background. Bad layering. Your father is an alcoholic. You got raped at the age of 3.

F/s count: what the hell i am talking about

#29 cameron/bb109/s-93oi7eFKpCF

heres the url, i just had to put a space after .com/ so it wouldnt format to the player


Looks like with 3 votes @7asid is the winner!


Sorry got a bit busy, my vote goes to 7 as well!




Good stuff, my personal fav is Unknown’s playful breakcore


Thanks man!
You made me dance by happiness.


my father was an alcoholic too so maybe that’s why I relate