BB108 - SPAAAAAAAAAACE (or space)


I don’t want to interrupt the voting stuffs but reading this makes me want to go listen specifically to this track between my other stuffs.

Congrats to whomever wins and to everyone subbed. Hopefully I’ll have time afterwards some other projects to comp/play in the next.

I guess at the end of the day, we all have plenty of time-ish coming up.


@TvMcC: Gorgeous ambience to the track. Fantastic sound design, and great work on your story too!

@Baro: I like the swirliness of this one and the rhythms are great.

@Trebesch: Really got into the rhythms of this one. Aside from a little mixing, I didn’t think it needed much more than a little extra melody.

@stemcollector: Great work on that washboard creating a space for the music to exist within. Nice ambience to the piece.

@7asid: Oh, cool. This kinda fits both definitions of “space” for me. Fits the image perfectly, with immense towers rising from the empty landscape

@bfk: Glitchy beauty and a great overall tone. Love it!

My vote? I’m kinda torn between @7asid and @TvMcC

I think I’ve gotta go with @TvMcC though, for the great work on sound design.

By my count, that makes it a tie between @TvMcC and @Trebesch.

My rules above didn’t account for a tie, but I guess as the rulemaker I can make an executive decision and hand the crown on to TvMcC?

Congrats. :slight_smile:

And a massive thanks to everyone who took part. Really enjoyed your tunes.


Thanks, and next battle is up