BB106: Diles Mavis


Put this together as quick as I could, hope the samples are varied enough.

  • Your beat should be Jazz inspired. Whether that just means the drum beat or you go all out jazz improv, it’s up to you.
  • Change the tempo at some point in the track.
  • The track length must exceed 2 mins.


Deadline is Friday 13th


Recently I pulled extra work time from another employee (nights) & will be working every day up until I leave out of state so if I can pull something off in that time, I don’t know if I can conquer that 2 min rule. Regardless where is everyone else on this bb?


Just do what you can. Could always extend the deadline again, ten days seems too short for most of us.


Was it always only ten days? I set it at two weeks on the one I hosted.
Only saw this right now. The title lured me in.


According to the general rules it’s ten days but I’ll extend it since they’re generally much slower these days. Hows the 17th sound?


The entire battles should be two weeks, but that included time for voting and time for the next person to set up a battle.