BB100 - Beat Battle Royale


Boo! I don’t see why you can’t do that, while still being on the comp with the track as it is. It’s good shit.


@_ms, I second @aSSerbik, I dug the track.


Voting closes in 16 hours, and we shall find out the winner of a fabulous Pocket Operator!!!


time for all those Nigerian dudes from fiver that i hired to cast their votes!


Good luck everyone


We have the results…

Congrats to @theusername24, for your slick track! Your prize is an awesome Pocket Operator, as well as the dubious honor of hosting BB101.

PM me your address and I’ll get it shipped out to you. As for the beat battle, you’ll become host, so find some samples and devise some rules and post it when you’re ready!

Thanks to everyone who participated, some interesting and unique tracks. Of course, anyone who hasn’t opted out will additionally be considered for the upcoming IDMf Beat Battle comp!

Interesting to see also the tracks that came close to the #1 spot.


I voted for mnk


wow, I feel honored to have received any votes.

congrats @theusername24. A classic IDM tune indeed.

I voted for 7asid because I couldn’t resist that damn guitar work.

Great work everyone.


I voted for vulpes


I had it between 7asid and InDefianceofGravity and I went 7asid because I thought he was going to have less votes XD


Congrats 24! I woulda voted for you if I wasn’t a bad man who forgot to vote. Very strong subs everyone, i’m proud our little community pulled together to make a nice thing :slight_smile:


My vote went to @mnkvolcno, cool, weird track.


Nah I’m actually surprised to have anything at all.

Now let me tell you why I voted for Gravity.

Gravity’s track really painted a story for me. Very slow epic music in the beginning. A spacecraft hauling the most elite of earth’s astronauts. You can see them floating outside the hull of the craft performing maintenance while anchored with a thick cable. The ones inside still floating at zero gravity but you cannot see their faces beneath the shine of the lens flare off their glassed helmets. All seems to be in order when out of nowhere a turd hurls across the view at another 'naut. Zooming into one of the 'naut’s helmets reveals a chimp, brimming with curiosity & sabotage. Cut to next scene & the monkeys are everywhere. Monkeys in space flinging poop at eachother. Monkeys ripping manifolds off the craft. Monkeys pushing other monkeys out airlocks. Anyway I hope you get the picture. Gravity, it was close between you & some other ppl but the visage in my mind is what sold me your submission.


thank you for hosting !!
its an honor , and quite frankly , had ms not pulled he would have won my vote over.
i voted for mnk as well . your jazz “chops” as another referred to it as really got to me !
i look forward to the next bb , which ive just been told ill have the privilege of hosting !
lets make it a fun one and , again, i am honored to have been able to participate !
thank you again . i look forward to your next submissions all.


@Creepr, @aSSerbik were close follow ups to my vote.



What a great thing, these battles:)


Congrats the username24 a very worthy win and total standout submission IMHO.
Let’s see where some acid dosage takes us all… Bb101


fuck man, when is the next one??


Just launched!


: )