Bb 137 beat chopabilly deadline april 30th


For This beat battle you can not use synths.

You can only use a beat slicer and a sampler to create your track.

You can use fx…and resampling…

If I can make a whole track just by using something like only a single kick drum you should be able to as well as.

  1. No synths
  2. Sample chopping and beat slicing only.
  3. Fx and resampling allowed.
  4. You can only use one sample to create your track.

For samples i just use…so…

Find and use your own samples…

I know copyright is a big thing…but i think its legally ok as long as you dont make a profit via the derivative track youve made.

Tbh to avoid the headache i recommend using


I don’t want to spam, but anyone is free to use my sample packs for this and you can totally profit off of your track if you do. They’re all set to free right now so have at it :+1:


Awesome thank you sir.:grin::+1::100:


I made this thing out of a single kick drum sample


nice, very donkey rhubarb


Ok so no subs…hmmm…unless asked im gonna start the next one…


i was 75% into one but work got in the way, ill make sure to post it on here when i have some time to finish it which should be soon :weary: