Bb 136 fish slapping duel off battle royale with cheese deadline april 18th


@everyone i challenge ye to a duel…

Best track wins a gif…

Rubato is like musical improv but ignoring time signatures and tempo…

See slimepunks post.

For reference The producer arca employs rubato in some of their tracks

Alright here are the rules.

  1. At least one element in your track has to be in rubato…

  2. Rubato has to present throughout the track.

  3. Rubato doesnt mean playing out of key nor dissonance.

Deadline april 17th


Gentle reminder that Arca’s pronouns are she/her


Was unaware…oops fixed it…


haha still wrong actually :'D


Bear with me im trying to keep up.

Arca is a talented producer her music is boundary pushing very different than somethings ive heard…but yea her track that i posted i think is a perfect execution of incorporating rubato in electronic music.

Edit disclaimer her music videos are very wierd…a little bit too taboo for me but…well…lets just leave it at that.



Arca fucking rips but also sometimes i find the music hard to process or latch onto. I definitely get more out of Arca when i’m in the mood for careful listening.

Also, coincidence?


Lmao coincidence.

Maybe a nonidmfer lurker got the idea from idmf discovery by google search.



are u gonna do something for this @bfk ?


My comp is on its last legs and my new comp os doesnt support fl…i cant make any promises.


my bb submission lol…


what is “rubato”? this video posted do we have to sample this? i am kinda confused and never done a beat battle before. help??? sorry i am so strained on time :frowning:


Just make a track using whatever but an at least one element of the track has to be in rubato…like the main lead…or the percs…or the whole track you decide.


I don’t do beat battles, but I do spectate. This video helped me to understand it immediately:

Sounds like a cool idea! Especially in electronic music where most things are heavily quantized as the norm


where do we send our tracks and what format must the song be in? aka mp3 etc? and any restrictions like private or no soundcloud?


Just upload to soundcloud and post a link in this thread.

Any format is ok as long as its streamable.


@dj0xygen from what i hear its not rubato…

Rubato is like unquantized electronic music…

So make some edits in the sequence and turn off quantization for like the melody…or the drums whichever…



:neutral_face: lol. damn. well- i’ll try something soon :smiley: & thanks


Probably doesn’t fit the definition of rubato but the tempo fluctuates subtly throughout and the dialogue isn’t quantised.

Anyway I told myself I’d just post whatever I did because I’ve started countless tracks for these and just gave up.


Extended the deadline by one day its april 18th.


Imma wait for 7asids sub.