Barbie v Oppenheimer


Yea so…ok

Why is it le big deal.

For the record oppenheimer…

I cant watch ryan gosling play badass ken in glitterland saving the mcu


Sigh barbie tomorrow wife’s bday and kids to please.
Wanted to sneak on to Oppenheimer will have to watch it on the download. As I understand its a great movie for the big screen.


I’ve heard about these two films. I haven’t watched any of them yet.






Barbie and g.i. joe and transformers crossover.



Barbie is becoming controversial with the pundits…

Im just like jesus they have nothing better to do than to spew dumb bullshit about a movie about a damn toy…

Its a commercial movie…

Not an arthouse film making a statement.



I remember movies like

Red Sonja
Conan the Barbarian

Id rather have an analysis of the anus of those movies…in fact i think red sonja and conan the barbarian have more to say about feminism and masculinity…than a dumb movie about a toy.


Saw the movie barbie…

That movie was bad…

But i dont see anything to be up in arms about.

As far as political controversy…if this movie makes you butthurt…you gotta man up and stop being so butthurt.

Because Dick butkus.