Bandcamp has a dashboard feature, thoughts anyone?

Bandcamp upgraded with a dashboard feature…me personally I think its a good idea, to incorporate some instagram like features

so thoughts anyone?

Dashboard…? Both phone and desktop still look the same to me…?

I tried googling it and I just found a bunch of bands called dashboard. Where is it?

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Log onto your bandcamp account…the dashboard feature should be right next adding content button…

It allows you to post updates to your followers.

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Great news. You were able to do it only with bandcamp app on smartphone so it’s good to see it’s possible on desktop too. Not sure why this took them forever. This allows to send messages to all page followers (those who downloaded/supported your bandcamp releases).


yeah, it is
bandcamp can finally be the instagram to soundclouds facebook…

This is obviously a great feature, although am I the only person who ignores 95% of the messages they get from bandcamp artists? Judging by the discount I tried to give followers (who have paid full price since then) I’m convinced everyone is getting too bombarded with new releases, deals, etc to even check these little messages when they receive them.

Obviously I’m not complaining about new features, I just think the medium has a shitload of traffic and your stuff is bound to look like just another email at the end of the day. I’m probably not alone in following loads of artists as well