Back after very long time



I was a member already somewhere like 10 years ago, but didn’t have time anymore for music due to professional reasons and other life choices.
2 years ago I have gotten back into producing, with a strong emphasis on Techno and Acid.
Since I always got so much good information about production thechniques, releases and feedback, I decided to sign up again. I hope it is still the respectful and great community it used to be.

I feel the quality of my trax has gotten much better, but somehow the Soundcloud format doesn’t get me any plays and there is no way I’m gonna buy plays or spend a big marketing budget. So actually curious what topics are around about a good strategy out there.

A lot has changed in My personal life. I move from Belgium to Switzerland and became an architectural photographer. But due to Covid, it’s a bit slow right now.
Which gave me a lot of time for production.

well been blabbing enough I think.
I hope you are all safe and have a great weekend


Welcome back!


Glad to have you back :slight_smile:


Welcome back.
Regarding a good strategy to get your music out there, what seems to be working nowadays is creating some sort of a community around you, for instance you could share you knowledge of music making or other, through tutorials or what not, and slowly build an audience that enjoy your content, and then release your music on the side, and hope that your audience will engage with it.


Yea. This is a great point. Doing tutorials, gear reviews, selling sample or preset packs, etc seems the best way to channel people to your music…the trick is having enough time/energy left for the music!


Also… @Andre_Lanine since you are into acid music what hardware/software do you use for your acid lines? I really like Troublemaker on my iPad and just got a TD3 but havent used it a ton yet.


Yeah you basically need to make it a full time thing if you want good results, and still might be shaky even then.


Hi relic,
thanks for the warm welcome.
I refuse to buy hardware other than a keyboard and controller. That out of a practical and financial view.
its just nice to open up a project months later withut having to look how you patched everything and look for patterns and still have the full of editing patterns and such. And it takes much less space.

So to answer your question, I use the Phoscyon of D16 as my main workhorse for acids. It sounds great, and if you don’t go overboard with the non custom controls, you get a pretty descent emulation of the real deal out of it.
Of course with all the possibilities its easy to take it too far and get it sounding totally different. Which is not always a bad thing. But if you want old school acid, just use the same controls as you find on the TB303 and some distortion and eq and itt should sound great.


Also thanx for the welcome and advice.
I don’t see myself doing tutorials and reviews of gear or vsts, cause I don’t consider myself so knowledgeable to preach about my experience.
Making it a full-time thing is not an option. Since I’m getting 0 revenue right now.
I recently tried to get into some ghostwriting, but with the best effort, my sound is not commercial enough to even be considered on these sites.
So for now I will have to make up my mind and continue having fun and see it as the great hobby it is.
I signed some releases in 2021 and 2020 so things are moving a bit, rather slowly I must say.


thnx man


That’s great! I don’t have their 303 but D16 is a good software company. I use both hardware and software but I think you can get the results you want either way. And I hear you about opening up a project where you left off! I have to take a lot of notes on a project in hardware land if I want to work on two projects at once!

Edit: I also just went ahead and upgraded your account so you can post in the Listening Booth and have full access to the forum since you were a former member. We currently have it setup so you need 30 posts to have full access, but I bypassed that.

We also have a Discord we are trying to use more, if you didn’t notice. The forum isn’t going anywhere though if you prefer to use it.