Back after many years


Hi all, I’m back. I used to be on here many years ago under this same name, but not been on for ages due to life and other interests happening.

Anyway, good to be back and I have some stuff which may be of interest to you guys thanks to my new job I began last year.

It’s great to see old names I recognise still posting on here too!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Welcome back : )


Wow, look at this!!!



How have you been?


It’s been a while that’s for sure, I can’t even remember how long. I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster, with other things taking precedence and ‘life’ happening.

I guess what brought this place back into focus for me was my current job, having picked up a large amount of old synths and pro audio equipment. Sometimes it takes something totally random to remind you of the ‘old times’ and the years I spent on here before it seems there was some kind of reorganisation and reset which meant I had to re-register :stuck_out_tongue:




I did have one question with regards to the ‘new’ forum - are sales of gear allowed on here? As I’ve got some stuff which may well be of interest to members - Tascam/Yamaha/Roland etc. I couldn’t see somewhere saying they weren’t, but also not explicitly that they were.


I don’t think there were enough people who came back after the reset that we ever set it up. I would say you can let people know over in the hardware megathread (one of the more active threads remaining) and then take any interested parties into a PM - which is basically a full on thread where you just invite who you want and everyone else can’t see.