Back after IDK 10 years?

Hi All! I’m back…formerly “sonofharris” on this board. I remember posting some of my truly terrible tracks in the listening booth and getting a lot of support and advice from this community when I was in college and just starting out. At the time I was an English major with no clue if I wanted to do music in any serious way. But anyway…here I am again! With a few more tricks up my sleeve, and about to receive my Master’s degree in Music Technology.


Well that was a bit of a jump in majors! Happens to a lot of people apparently. Welcome back.

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Welcome back.

Welcome back!

welcome back then, glad to see so many people from way back when coming back to the forum. :slight_smile:

Hey sonofharris welcome back
what’s your master’s thesis going to be about?

Hey! So it’s almost done actually and perhaps I will share it soon. It’s a piece of music using data sonification, Max/MSP, and modular synthesis to trace the patterns of declining insect populations over three decades in a particular dataset from Germany. Phew! The main element of the work was translating values from the dataset into musical patterns, complete with pitches, timings, and patterns of repetition.