Automatic resonance reduction (soothe, DSEQ...) and sound improvement (GULLFOSS; Intensity, DSM...)


I think this was the one done completely with Ableton, Morph and mostly my wife on the QuNeo crossfader ^^


yea that sounds very smooth to me, i certainly cant hear any bad artefacts. hopefully i will get a chance to try them soon. im very busy over the next couple of days, im aiming for saturday.


just spent the last couple of hours playing with MMorph and i definitely found some great uses for it. i managed to create some interesting sounds with it much more than interesting crossfades.

i still havent read the manual and i plan to spend more time with it once i have, hopefully i can learn how to manipulate it a little better.

i tried crossfades for much simpler sounds as well as mixes and it sounded nicer on simpler sounds (particularly as far as pitch goes i think), but with complex sounds the chirping was too much in some ratio positions. again, hopefully the manual will provide some insight on that.

i can definitely see uses for it in my productions though. i made a blend of a bass and some drums and it created some interesting bass layer that added a lot of movement to the input.


Yeah in my experience so far it didn’t work for everything, but testing the 3 main modes with around 25/50/75 settings for the two full morph options (morphing A into B and B into A) gave a good overview of if and how the two sources made sense for morphing.


yea this was confusing. it is not the same process to mix from A to B as it is from B to A. it might be more useful when mixing music if i set up a button to switch A and B and move the ratio control to the opposite end. that way i will always be crossfading in the same direction and can control things better.
idk, thats experiments for the future :slight_smile: