Autechre new live sets on store

Hey, didn’t know if you guys knew, but Autechre just added live sets from their 2015 US tour to their online store!!

I definitely just went ahead and purchased all of them on 24-bit WAV. You get a discount for buying them all together. I paid just a bit less then $30 for all 19!!!


Looks like they’re all on Spotify, too

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OH shit I definitely gotta check these out. I love those dudes.

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I’ve been slowly working working my way through them all. It’s interesting that they’re all a bit different lengths, where they may have jammed out in certain tracks a bit longer at different shows. It seems the bigger cities, like LA have longer times, which might make sense because those were probably bigger shows. I’m really stoked they released the US shows. I got to see them in Denver and was a little bummed they didn’t have the recording from that show, but lo and behold, they came out with them! Only took 3-4 years lol

Last nights NTS mix now available for free as well now…

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Nice, good catch, @Seniorweiner43! I’m downloading it off now.

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SpOILER ALERT:It’s even better than what you already know is going to blow your mind…And they said its hard to dance to IDM. Also this:
7 pieces of gear that helped define Autechre's game-changing sound

Warp Tapes from 89-93.

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After listening to quite a bit of the live sets, a couple favorites I’ve found are Miami and LA. Good sets, they seem a lot more in the zone than in other sets.

So what do these guys do when they play live? Hows it work?

As far as I’ve read, they use instruments, effects and algorithms they develop in Max/MSP, which they kinda mix and match all together, altering the parameters in order to drive their songs. They seem to have been kinda working on a new process since Quaristice came out, and it feels like they’re kinda finally getting what they have in mind realized. What they try to do is essentially have the tools to make albums on the fly, as the series of releases of their live material on their bleepstore has all been. They can essentially tweak and manipulate these algorithms and things they’ve programmed to make sound in a live performance arena.

Here’s a recent(ish) article on their methods: