[Audiovisual/ Glitch/ Vaporwave/ Lofi Hip Hop/ Lofi House] - 'Fire Tower' EP



Awesome vids…the music is fitting also. Very boc.

Good job.



thank youu :slight_smile: really appreciate it
that’s a great compliment


Sounds awesome. Petrichor was the stand out for me.

Is ‘To See With Eyes Unclouded’ a Princess Mononke reference?


thank you! really appreciate it
hahah yes it is - also happens to be my favorite movie


I like your melodies! Good stuff here. Thank you for sharing

I enjoyed your visuals too


thank you!


very nice vids. high quality, great cinematography, and lovely sounds. keep it up!


thank you!
been refining some techniques and learning much more recently
I think it’s time to start a full album soon!


Pretty solid all that ! gg wp :slight_smile: