Audiothing Wires

This thing is an absolute blast. It’s like tape saturation and echo on steroids. Textural, organic, adds a lot of spice on plain sounds without completely destroying them. Fairly budget too.

Yeah, I saw his original video and thought, hey, I live in Germany…perhaps I could fine one of these at a fleamarket sometime…but then again, anything that Hainbach touches and makes a vid of becomes stupid expensive, so not holding my breath :slight_smile:
(See the Suiko poetry trainer vid, and then check the prices now of Suiko ST- models.)
So yeah, perhaps a plugin is the way to go. I dig the sound.

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That’s the truth. I think his most widespread effect is the price of Marantz PMD tape players. They’ve gone from literal flea market prices ($10-15 US for functioning units) to $150+ after his videos on them. Just crazy.

Living in the US, there was zero chance of me picking up an actual Soviet unit, and even if I did I’m not really interested in keeping up maintenance on an esoteric piece of gear I can’t readily get parts for. I just want to play with the thing, so the plugin makes a lot of sense for me.

My only complaint about it is the lack of output trim. It’s really sensitive to gain staging, and there’s been times I’ve pulled the input down to get a more subtle effect. The Master Output is part of the plugin itself, so turning it up cranks up the effect. You have to do make up gain after the plugin itself if you want to boost the signal without affecting it, which is kind of a pain in the ass. Not a deal breaker by any means, and I’m getting some great sounds out of it.

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This thing looks right up my alley. I’ve been using RC-20 a lot lately, maybe I need a different flavor.

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