Attention all animal lovers, environmentalists and hippies

I have always had an interest in economics, the environment, business and sustainability - it’s all related. I also love animals and I find everything in nature fascinating. I like learning about different natural habitats and the creatures that live there. I often watch documentaries about these subjects, and I like to read articles and books on these subjects.

Yesterday I was doing some research on the WWF website and something on there gave me the great idea of running my first marathon for charity, so I registered to run a local marathon for the WWF team! I’ve never ran that much distance before, but the marathon is in October so I have plenty of time to train and build up my stamina. I am planning to run a half marathon first, and then later in the year I will run a full marathon.

Please see my fundraising page for more information about why I want to run for WWF and if you can contribute a few £/$ that would really help. Any small donation will get me closer to my fundraising target.

Full marathon: