Artists sample thread

Couldn’t find a relevant thread so here goes.
One of my passions in discovering new music back in the day was from sampling, at that time mainly hip hop ie public enemy, de la soul, etc etc. This further translated to the rave scene and onwards. This lead to a discovery to new music, styles and genres.

Just read an article about the Prodigy and there’s a video tracking down all the tracks they sampled from.

Interesting read.


Awesome, loved The Prodigy back when I was a teen.

So, what’s the intention of the Artists Sample Thread?

See what direction it takes and if any tracktion.

So for me I discovered a lot of tracks from the 60s and 70s from listening and then digging on the back of 80s hip hop and early 90s rave tracks. Hence the Prodigy OP appealed.

Sampling is and can be contentious, however it can also prompt inspiration for new original material. So which artists have recently used samples that have inspired you as an artist or a sample you’ve used to create a track?

Obvious one would be the Winston Brother funky drummer beat.

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this account might be of interest

In firstly fuxk.@7asid. Not seen you so to speak for years.
Just had a whisk though your activity and can see a a lot of BB posts circa 2022 2023 bb130, last time I was there was around b 100 acid a few years back.
Good to see your still kicking around, on soundcliud still
… You’ve been quiet :blush:

Back OT.

Yes I’ve seen that site and a few others. Wamhat puts me off is a lot of labels nowadays won’t touch a track if any form of online sample or sample pack… However is IDMfers large slightly different in the way we approach sampling per say.

I was reading article recently, can’t remember artist name, basically just recreated his own version after being told no release if its got samples in. I think the core is copyright ownership with these services. Although I found one recently that lays no claim to anything you do with them u less reselling as a sample pack individual shots or a kontaky instrument etc.

Will take a dig though as you never know. But when I see claims of Drake etc bla bla bla I’m out of there like a vindaloo on laxitives :wink:

Stay tuned

Hoping for some good works soon…
Saying that for years haha but I’m getting closer.


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I keep meaning to reconnect more with IDMF and get sidetracked. Same with discord. So glad it still is a place I can visit and skim through.

Tbh I didn’t even notice that insta account was pushing a service. I linked for the content vids showing where some popular tracks sampled from like in this vid:

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