Are we dead yet?


I remember the dblue glitter era and then it became standard and got hated on, then came the skrillmau5 era and the dsf/edmf raids then ??? And after ??? Comes now, post druqs, post talking bass lines, post rock, post social media wankery, etc…

I guess after all that it now, it Seems a bit quite for a forum

Tl;dr what happens now for the forum?

Also if this is outta line feel free to tell me to fuck off…


Ask again in three years when we’re all reminiscing about this time.


No fads? Sounds like a good time to be alive


Wait. Are you asking current fads based off forum activity? Like random activity?

Honestly, I haven’t searched the forum out like the past. Google used to bring IDMF up in the top three. It may still. But, beyond that I feel like the people that came here for those moments in time and found the music that was amazing. Stayed, the others left. Outside of the net releases there are 20+ years are amazing stuff linked here. Well, were.

There are, new and old members, available to show music, that you wouldn’t typically hear in a club. Isn’t it still trap that’s the club thing? I personally don’t know.


It’s always like that… We never know what comes next


we create what comes next



it’s cuz i haven’t been posting you garbage ass ho


I guess there’s no more drunk posting on idmf :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait people post here sober?


Oh no. It happens. For me, probably once a week…


Sausage fattener is what


Is it the age of the plugin or have we all moved to maxmsp I’m too old and to lazy to learn how to code



i recently discovered the world of #producermemes … did not really knew about them all the years… or maybe just ignored them

So, what comes next… for me… finishing 100 tracks and adding my shitty self made presets to them… while i procrastinate on IDMforums…



post must be five characters so



to be honest the lack of bullshit & over-saturation of distracting crap plus the obligation to express ones self more candidly is actually quite nice.

quiet times here are always the beginning of something good. come on, you’ve been here for a fucking minute and you’ve seen the ebbs and flows.

this thread is part of the aunt flows though. imma bump it anyway. content is content afterall


wait i thought people got over max years ago