Are there any producers here in Europe?

I live in Ireland. I’m interested in both dance music and ambient. What about you?

Italian, living in the UK and making what I think is Industrial Dub

Dub (no step)

Living in Ireland, making electronic / ambient stuff.

Germany here, trying to make ambient noises and techno thumps, sometimes at the same time.
There are a ton of us here in the EU, but I won’t out anyone specifically. :smiley:

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Yet another german - I’m mostly doing noisy, idm-ish, sometimes (dark) ambient stuff. Currently working on a small EP which I hope to finish this winter.

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(Psst, I am actually not German, I am just hiding out in your lovely country on a long-term basis.) :beers:

A froggy from the French Alps ( ambiant, break-beat, breakcore-ish, drum & bass music )


I’m in Ireland, also, making breakcore and drone metal, but most of my electronic music is just a knock-off Prhizzm these days.


England, anything electronic

Canadian living in Iceland for a few years (I know it’s not technically Europe).

I like to make psydub, ambient, dubtechno and IDM.

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Not Europe mate.

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Situated in Europe just not part of that cartel :rofl:

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I know, I know… Not in the EU and all that business. We still have to pay VAT, and Wikipedia says:

Iceland is generally included in Europe for geographical, historical, political, cultural, linguistic and practical reasons.”

Since I didn’t exactly see a topic with a title referring to producers in Iceland, I thought I would drop by here. Thanks for the welcome.

Hey Kaiuna, my comment was a direct reply to CaneCreek to mock him for their latest brexit thing (disclosure, I live in the UK and met him in person), happy to have Iceland in Europe, you guys are great contributors to Eurovision!

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Ah, okay. Sorry for the touchy reply. And thanks for the welcome!

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i’ll need a visa next time i want to visit my friends in uk … i just can’t cope with it :cry: why did you leave us !!! i feel like i’ve been backstabbed … really, i am so sad … your music scene is the best … shame

I’d love to answer you, but this is a music forum and thats all i’m here to talk about :heart_eyes:

fair enough.