Anyone tried Harrison Mixbus yet?

I picked up Harrison Mixbus for 22Euro…some flash sale. I had demo’d it and liked the workflow and the sound shaping in general, want to try it for mixing to get out of Bitwig a bit. Not sure if it will stay in my workflow or not. Anyone else given it a try and have an opinion or any tips?

I’ve heard good things and want to try it. I’ve just been putting it off because I’ve been happy with my mixes lately. #humblebrag

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I will post some reaction once I get more used to it. First impression is: Very well thought out. Clearly made by people who know how to mix, and how others want to. Promising looking Audio Interface management with latency testing (not seen that before) and tons of options for recording. punch in feature looks cool. Mostly though, I must say I imported my mixes from Bitwig into it to test and without changing anything they sounded better than in BW. Perhaps it is the fact that it is an all-in-one sort of thing with integrated EQ, panning, summing etc…the “basic sound” they have developed is well done. It is just easy to grasp and the workflow looks dead simple.


2-day update: I have issues exporting my mixed track…something is hanging it up horribly but I think I fuggered up something, maybe a plugin. When exporting an already mixed track just for testing, works fine. Plus it gives this sexy report on the exported track:

I almost bought mixbus for that export info. Decided against it because I bought enough stuff I’m going to be paying for until February.

I pulled the trigger only because it was 19 bucks on cyber Monday, but I am glad I did.