Anyone know how to get this snare sound?

Hey troops, anyone know how to get this really metallic sounding snare? been experimenting using samples of like metal sheets but not really getting the result that i want

comes in around 1:32


It’s probably layering. A regular snare sample layered with some metallic hit layered with either white noise or has a noisy reverb tail that they gated or cut off. Here’s a snare I had sitting around that already sounds pretty close to that. Try to layer it with some metallic sounding foley and EQ to bring the character you want. It sounds like it already has reverb on it, but you can cut off the tail and add some digital sounding reverb of your choice.

Awesome track.


Not sure but there might be granular resynthesis or some form of time-stretching involved…

nice, cheers guys will do some experimenting. also just realised theres a thread for finding out how to make particular sounds, oh well.

just noticed it put my mediafire share via the player because of the .wav extension. here’s the link:

I can’t listen at the moment but…

  1. It is almost certainly layered.
  2. It is almost certainly compressed to death.

Not hating…that is just the bass music scene atm.


Some combination of Filtering envelopes distortion compression and reverb with little decay 100% wet no dry signal and pitchshifting=timestretch


Defo the right reverb could get you towards metallic. Good eye.

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Bandpass that shit. Then layer the ringy garbage with a fuller snare. Holy fuck on that track’s compression, though

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Hahaha. Dude. When I go to DnB shows I have to wear ear plugs just bc of the compression. Not even just the PA being cranked to 11…

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the pain is all too real


The feels

Love that fvcking tune

Yup layering. Get a d&b snare from a break, a 808 snare, a sound of something hitting something metal or with tin, mix to taste the layers. define which will sit in the 200 range, which will be the ringer, which will dominate the highs.

add verb no decay/short time, full mix, a taste of delay, compression attack at like 16, short release, ratio of like 1.1.1, crank threshold. re-sample the whole thing, and chop, fade, reverse, in section where you see fit.

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thirded on the gated verb and heavy ratio compression

Mutable instruments elements makes that metallic snare sound and many variants all day long.