Anybody need vocals?

Send me a track with some lyrics. Or just a track and I’ll write the lyrics and do the vocals. Collabs?

Hey, I can appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting to jump right in, but posts like this out of the blue do not usually get any responses. Stick around a while, introduce yourself, participate a bit and you are much more likely to find folks interested in collabs. Perhaps link up your profile with some previous works so people know what kind of stuff you are working on?


I would give this a try, but Creepr is right, I don’t even know if you have a human voice or a robotic vocoder-type voice since you are an alien machine from the future or whatever ^^
Show us some of your work, stick around and I’m sure you will get quite a few collab proposals… That said, if you want to put vocals on any of my already-uploaded tracks I’m happy to give you a DL link so you could make a vocal version!

Yes, I’m aware how it came off. I tried deleting it before I got responses only to be haulted by a “request for deletion” pop-up. I’ve been a member of idmforums for well over 10 years, but decided to make a new account for various reasons. I can recover the old account if need be (iI’m logged in on the old computer. Got this new one a couple months ago). I think my username was JoMtunez or something like that. Anyway, sorry to bother. I’ll have to link some of my tunes in LIsteningBooth or something…

Hey man, I’ll sort your member status so you can post where ever

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Fair enough, a fresh start can be good. :slight_smile: I look forward to hearing what you are working on.

Welcome back dude, vocal offerings are always kosher here!

Hit this thread with a link to your stuff and I’m sure a lot of us would be utilizing it.