Another Returner

Hi folks

+1 to the pile of old members folks thinking the larger world of faceless social media today can’t deliver what good ol’ IDMF gave us.

I first joined around 2010 roughly when IDMf 005 was released on the netlabel, but dropped off radar for years.

I dabbled here late last year for a week or two, when I was thinking of getting back into the game. Now I’ve fixed my setup and back at it.

IDMf took me forward in strides when I was a regular. It’s good to be back. :slight_smile:


nice to see a returning face! I remember you posting very shortly after the site exploded and rebooted.

We’ve come a good way in the past year, welcome back man! :beers:


Just edited my post – I first joined in 2010, but left for a looong time. Never forgot about it though. Lots of great memories and so much inspiration…

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Hey! I feel ya. Social media is just pushing music unto us. It’s nothing but pure marketing leaving true unheard and good music aside.

I am a new member and enjoying very much this place :slight_smile:


Welcome back. Its like a flood of IDMf golden oldies these past few weeks.


Welcome back !

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Hey, I remember you.

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Correction: I just realised it was IDMf010 which was released around the time I joined.

I listened to that compilation on repeat. Especially Synaecide’s epic track Mind and Machine, of course. Drew so much inspiration from listening to it all.

Little by little … the band is getting back together!

Welcome back @Entropy

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