An issue routing Traktor into Ableton

Getting a buncha crackles and pops, I think because my interface can’t quite handle both at the same time. I’m using a Scarlett 18i8 3rd gen and am using loopback to feed the audio into Ableton. Changing the buffer size hasn’t changed anything so far. Any suggestions? I’ve shut down an started up my computer a few times already too and it’s still happening when I have both Ableton an Traktor open.

This is weird, haven’t had this issue before :\

Haven’t used this stuff in ages, but right away…

Have you checked your latency buffer size?

Is there any mtc/cc setting in Ableton in which you need to set to ensure clock/sync is properly set up?

Many times with digital crackling and pooing/poping it is related to soundcard related matters. Ensure the soundcard is selected, and not your computers sound card.

Traktor will want to be at 48kHzor 96 mi thinks.

Hope this helps

Update your drivers. Trust me on this one

Yeah that was the first thing I tried, I’ll try those exact settings though.
Loopback is a feature on the interface, you can’t do that without having the soundcard selected.

Uhhh that was also something I tried almost immediately after getting the problem. Drivers were already up to date but I re-installed them and nothing has changed, so idk. :\

Just wish there was a way to scratch with a turntable controller natively in Ableton, then I wouldn’t have to go through all this bullshit of setting stuff up in a really unstable way. Meh.

Even thought about using my other interface and just feeding the audio from that one to the one Ableton has selected, but unfortunately ASIO only allows for one device at a time.

I don’t have a good suggestion and I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish overall but buying CDJs and mixer and not using a computer was huge game changer for me. Of course that’s a massive investment.

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Yeah all I’m trying to do is get some scratching into Ableton. I’ll probably do some browsing to see if there’s a VST that can emulate scratching, a crossfader and cuing within a single plugin, but it’d all have to be MIDI map-able and would HAVE to have all of those features for me to even be interested lol. A CDJ probably would be the easiest solution, may have to set aside some money for one.

Yea Im surprised Ableton doesn’t have that has it is supposed to be “live”. You can get an XDJ Pioneer media player for $700 new. Though for scratching you might want a spinning platter that has the direct drive resistance feel.

I only recommend Pioneer bc literally no club or festival uses Denon et al

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Turns out I’m a dumbass and ASIO does allow for multiple devices, so problem solved :smiley:


Oh! I didn’t even think of that. Good eye. Did you set up one as an aggregate device? I’ve done that trying to get USB over audio on like say the TR8S to work in conjunction with an audio interface. Cool.

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I didn’t, just am running the output from my Saffire 24 into my mixer, which is then run into my Scarlett and it works just fine! 0 audible distortion.

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Oh nice. That’s good. The aggregate device thing was sketchy at best in FL Studio lmao

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Did you have to use ASIO4ALL for multiple devices? I got away with that a few times but usually it causes a BSOD with my scarlett solo

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Yeah I downloaded that, pretty sure that was the fix that worked. Haven’t had a BSOD yet with my computer.

dude I haven’t had a BSOD on a windows machine in fucking years

In all fairness I was using 3 soundcard I/O’s, so maybe that was the issue

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lol mighta been that