An audio signal to modulate a midi CC# (solved)

Hi guys, did you find a way, in Live10, to modulate a midi CC# with an audio signal … like a gate would, for an audio signal, but here it would be a midi CC#.
Reaper can do it :

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Something like the M4L envelope follower?

No, the enveloper follower modulate a midi parameter, depending of the midi data.
What i want is to modulate a midi CC# depending of an audio signal.
For instance, the side-chain effect. You send the signal to modulate the gain reduction of a compressor …
Now, take the same audio signal to modulate the midi CC# of the Filter Cut-off of a midi plugin.
This might not make a lot of sense, but imagine the option you have with a feature like this …
That’s what i’ve been waiting for, reaper does it !!!

Maybe I don’t understand you, but that’s exactly what I do all the time with the envelope follower. Put it on any track, it reacts to the volume input and then you can map that to any parameter of any effect, your filter cutoff or whatever.

If you want it to react only to specific frequencies, you can put a multiband compressor in front of it.

Yes, you are right about the Envellope follower. I had forgot this one !!!
In Live it’s way more tedious to implement. You always have to go from a track to an other to see the actual midi modulation when in Reaper, i’s right in front of you.
In Live, is there any more option than the envelope follower to achieve this ?
In Reaper it can be any Lfo shapes, any envelope shapes (you draw it).
But, you are right, it’s actually possible in Live.

I’m just trying to work it out, but hey , thanks for the reminder dude, you reminded me the trick of the envelope follower. Not as accurate as Reaper but still …

i’ve justrealized how stupid this question is …
it reacts to the audio, stop. :man_facepalming:

I doesn’t matter if it’s an audio or MIDI track in Live, too. You can get the envelope from any track and use it for anything. I think it’s working ok fine in Live.

If you want more options, maybe look for other M4L modules - years ago I checked for LFOs and found dozens with all kinds of painting and cross-modulation options - I’m sure you could find some better module for it. What I miss much more in Live is full MPE support, that’s the main reason i’m often using Bitwig.


you’re absolutely right.
i just didn’t use this option enough to realise it actuallylly is the same as in reaper.

go on … say it :rofl:

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i’ll check … thanks a lot dude.

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I’m honestly not really following the conversation in this thread…but the video really spoke to me!

Thank You!!! :sunglasses:

Is my English that bad :joy::joy:
I practice again & again …

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I’m just a mere mortal

So am i … no worries dude :+1: