Amon tobin production techniques

The guy blows me away, his mixing sample choice synthesis is like a producer’s orgasm…

Just listened to the full panther track on his long stories album released last year.

His two fingers side project also insteresting…
I mean yeah some songs are hit or miss…but his sound design always fascinates me. Idk but someone here posted that he plays with the phase which I dont know how he manages to do it without running into the phase cancellation problem…my thinking is micro delays.

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Selective Allpass filtering

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Selective hass effect

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Isn’t that just a phaser?

Yes, but static. No modulation.


Ahhhhhh … The Amon Tobin production techniques Thread … we guys, must work on the subject !!! i’ve been working on it & it’s driving me mad … i keep trying & trying tricks, techniques, phase correlation, mad fx chain etc etc … i hold something but still needs work … but i’ll get there :wink:

I’m not trying to copy his techniques to replicate his music, nooo … but i think we miss the point … this technique should be applied to any music actually … it’s such a clever way of producing music … the result is an incredibly fat music with just few elements … for me, it’s just genius …

his album Isam just blew me away, the quality of the production is just amazing, this huge stereo field … just play the track GOTO with a correlation & phase meter & you can imagine how he played with the phase ( as a non issue, “out of phase” technique ) … the kick & the bass are huuuuggggeee …

Listen to this track & mono it up … listen to it again … now … invert the polarity … listen again … everything is almost mono compatible & yet out of phase in a correlated stereo field … ???

I’m sure he designed his sound with a " phase " technique in mind … invert the polarity of either the left or right channel & you won’t get this usual phaser sound … everything is perfect …

Look at the phase meter !!! it’s freaking out :wink: … i’ve never heard such a heavy bass or kick in any other electronic music … even dubstep or drum & bass is not that fat … i’m not talking about frequency range here , just about the stereo field & how it’s supercharged with just a few elements & therefore the correlation is pretty accurate … it’s almost impossible … when a sound is out of phase, it gets blurry … not here … everything is so faaaaatttt …

i’m almost sure he did find a technique to design a sound out of phase with a good correlation … that’s the trick i’ve been working on for months … i always feel close to it but heyyy … there’s only 1 Amon :wink: