[Ambient] Make Us Whole - Eternity's Embrace

My town has a small group of electronic enthusiasts that run an organization for teaching and promoting local artists. They have been doing Stay At Home Sessions bi-weekly with a new theme each week. These are open submissions similar to IDMF comps.

The upcoming theme is Ambient/Abstract/Drone, so I cooked up this piece tonight. All of it was done using logic’s physical modeling synth, Sculpture (aside from a few effects).

I hope you’ll join me and float through the dark of space for a fraction of a moment in time, forgetting your fears, your worries, your doubts, and embracing this beautiful fleeting moment.

much love


Beautiful piece…really enjoyed it…nothing more to say. Liked, re-posted, playlisted and following you over on SC. :wink:

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You continue to impress me @makeuswhole - awesome shit dude. I love drone, this hit the nerve really well. :beers:

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I’m really happy that you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Thanks! It means a lot to me to have your support. :slight_smile:

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Truly tranquil! Elevating minds to serenity…

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